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74 cm
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In the unmistakable style of the forty-five lines, where each creation
is designed to interact with the surrounding environment, the "roulette
royal" is born, that is a table basse which preserves, within its
structure, a prestigious mahogany wood roulette which, not only best
interprets the combination of plexiglass and wood, between modern and
classic,  but it allows you to entertain guests with one of the most
legendary table games.
On the removable upper floor, which acts as a support surface, the game
plan with boxes is reproduced, within which, the numbers of the
corresponding color are shown. This system guarantees maximum
transparency without affecting the fundamentals of the game.
The upper floor is also equipped at the corners with 4 supports which
allow you to place the top on any surface. The top below the
roulette, is available to act as a support surface for newspapers,
magazines and other furnishing accessories.
A face removed the upper floor leads to a support floor, which cleverly
sets a splendid mahogany wood roulette and equipped with brass details.
The 5 blocks of chips each consider 13 units divided into values of 5,
10, 20, 50 and 100. The same are housed in a base specially designed to
best integrate with the shapes that characterize that shelf of the table
Also, for this extraordinary version, every detail is fully considered
and managed by the skilled craftsmen: from design, to production, to
assembly: each production phase is subjected to a superior quality
control. It develops in 51 cm in height, 58 cm in width and 74 cm in
The upper floor is characterized by golden hd pvc stickers, which define
the perimeter of the game plan: the black and red numbers, surrounded by
a golden edge, maintain that classic style typical of the game of
On the shelf below, accessible by simply lifting the upper floor, is
placed set in a special accommodation, a splendid roulette with a
diameter of 31 cm completely made of fine mahogany wood and equipped
with polished brass supplies.
the 5 blocks of chips each consider 13 units divided into values of 5,
10, 20, 50 and 100. The same are housed in a base specially designed to
best integrate with the shapes that characterize that shelf of the table
basse'. Each of them is made entirely of transparent plexiglass and the
relative values are shown in a specular way. The colors red, blue,
black, white and green integrate perfectly with the overview.
The rake for chips, no less important in the overall view of the table
basse, is a masterpiece of aesthetics and functionality: transparent
plexiglass expertly worked in compliance with the shapes that regulate
the forty-five line, scratch-resistant green felt and white plexiglass
finishes and chrome screws, make this rake a fundamental accessory for
The overall design of this extraordinary roulette.
Also in this version, each support bracket is a masterpiece of design
and ingenuity: to them, by means of special screws, the side panels are
fixed, which can be removed in case they need to be replaced or polished
with time for the removal of scratches or abrasions. In doing so, your
"table basse" will always be like new. screws and housings, completely
in steel, are wrapped in a gold leaf in 24 kt as well as the nuts,
covered in 24 kt gold applied by means of a high-quality galvanic bath.
Finally, swarovski crystals expertly applied, go to embellish the screws
making these brackets of true masterpieces.
Every side, every facet, exploits the natural transparencies of
plexiglass and the inevitable reflections that respond exclusively to
the dictates of light. The definition of its sides, its angles and its
chamfers is given by net cuts made by laser. You have the impression of
being in front of a real treasure chest which, betrays inside, a
legendary game suitable for the furnishing and entertainment of its
Like a treasure chest, lifting the "lid", you enter the heart of the
table basse which sets the roulette and its fundamentals. The game plan,
on which the original schemes useful for the bet are reported, can be
placed on any flat surface and raised with ease.
In fact, thanks to small supports fixed to the 4 rounded corners of the
shelf which are useful to keep the game top raised from the support
shelf, it is possible to best preserve the support surface from
scratches and wear. In addition, these supports, which are fixed to the
top by means of screws with 24 kt gold coating, are best integrated into
the overall design. 




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