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It comes from the fusion of design and entertainment: class and dynamismare enclosed in a concentration of technique and dynamism, where everydetail is considered according to the overall vision. In a simple andintuitive way, it is transformed from a normal coffee table, with anupper support surface and a magazine shelf below, to a minifootballtableThe transparency of plexiglass, used for the totality of its structure,betrays those principles that regulate the functions of the game:recessed chrome slats, which guarantee safety and fluidity of movement,support players men completely made of plexiglass which, indispensably,raise the concept of play to a level 2.0.In fact, as in all the versions already in place of the Forty-Fivecollection, each little man allows you to be customized in combinationwith color variants between: Black, White, and White-Black combination.In addition, it is possible to use the special version, which takes intoaccount the interchangeability and customization of the front and backof the shirt.The rigorous standards of the Forty-Five line require that every detailbe perfectly integrated into the structure: from the aluminum finishesto the chrome screws to move on to the doors made of plexiglass whichact as a structure to a skillful interweaving of ropes, performedstrictly by hand, which goes to give life to a unique and alwaysdifferent texture.The knobs are completely made from a single piece of aluminum, expertlyturned, which consider small grooves that favor the handle. The sameslide easily on against rods set in cylinders also in aluminum.Everything was created to give life to a unique whole design thatdiffers from similar versions, details and craftsmanship are all made inItaly.The low table is equipped with a support surface completely inplexiglass, which allows access, once raised, to the soul of the table,which consists of a real mini-table football.The game top is completely made of plexiglass carefully assembling thoseparts that allow you to establish the dynamics of the game such as sidesand cornersThe field lines are defined by a black HQ PVC and form a contrast, whichintegrates perfectly into the overall design. 




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