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How can a coffee table become the protagonist of a set of furniture
where different styles, shapes and volumes coexist?
Banfi, putting this dilemma first, has designed this extraordinary
"table basse" which contains, within its structure made entirely of
plexiglass, an extraordinary chessboard in which materials such as
plexiglass, 24 kt gold or 999/1000 silver and details in original
swarovski crystals merge to create a unique creation.
The shape, which takes into account the dictates of the forty-five°
line, is  cleverly designed so that every corner, every line and every
plane, know how to become protagonists of the perspective from which it
is observed.
It's structure is  rigid and teutonic but the inevitable reflections
emitted by each facet carefully executed, give a soul to this
extraordinary masterpiece with a completely made in italy design.
The chessboard, where each piece has set one or more swarovski crystals,
rests on a removable plane in which, 64 houses, alternate between
transparency and real gold or silver leaf to give life to a true
masterpiece. the details necessary for the assembly, such as brackets
and screws, are also embellished with swarovski crystals and decorated
with gold or silver leaf.
Although it’s accuracy betrays a mass production, each component is 
carefully made and managed by the skilled craftsmen of Banfi: from
design to production to assembly: each production phase is subjected to
a superior quality control.
The angular support brackets, on which  the protection of the model no.
402020000003599 at the ministry of economic development is placed,
integrate perfectly with the structure and are part of the overall
vision. The screws necessary for assembly are not only covered in gold
or silver leaf but are expertly decorated and embellished with swarovski
crystals which create light points that enhance the support it self.
The composition of 3 main levels, guarantees, not only great stability
to the structure, but allows you to stay in complete safety, both a
lower floor that serves as a magazine holder, as well as an upper one
related to the "chessboard plan".
both floors are removable and respect the details of the luxury
forty-five° line.
The beauty of this coffee table is not only contained in its whole, but
in every single detail.
The upper top in plexiglass, which stands as the main support surface in
the primary configuration of the coffee table, is easily removable
thanks to two manual interlocking pins-accommodation. Once removed you
enter the checkerboard surface which, thanks to a design that takes into
account two recesses, it’s possible to extract the chessboard and store
it, either on the main surface once reassembled, or lay it on any other
floor, without risk of damaging the surfaces as it is equipped with
small rubber supports.
Each support bracket is  a masterpiece of design and ingenuity: to them,
through special screws, are fixed side panels which can be removed in
case they need to be replaced or polished in time for the removal of
scratches or abrasions. in doing so, your "table basse" will always be
like as new.
Screws and housing, completely made of steel, are wrapped in a pure
silver leaf in 999/1000.
The screws support shiny and original swarovski crystals. even the nut
covers, thanks to the predisposition in the design phase, incorporate
chaton cut crystals.
The inevitable reflections emitted by each facet carefully performed by
laser cutting, give the impression of being in front of a real jewel.
the game plan is characterized by 64 houses, which alternate between
those decorated in silver leaf, circumscribed by a white frame with 45 °
angles, and transparent ones, defined only by the interspaces between
the "full". The silver leaf is reported manually and, with each
application, it deliberately presents itself with a more irregular or
smooth appearance. The reflected shine is really surprising and in the
overall view it is a fundamental part of this "table basse". Plexiglass
chess alternates in transparent and satin transparencies and each set
has one or more swarovski crystals divided in turn into transparent or
smoked crystals.
The thickness of each chess piece is 20 mm. the cut is clear, clean and
precise: the front-back setting allows each piece to be specular. The
proportions between them are respected and the handling pleasant. The
satin finishing of the 16 pieces opposed to the transparent ones, is
performed by hand, unit by unit and the setting of the swarovski is
carried out accurately by expert workers.




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