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How can a coffee table become the protagonist of a set of furniture
where different styles, shapes and volumes coexist?
Banfi, putting this dilemma first, has designed this extraordinary
"table basse" which contains, within its structure made entirely of
plexiglass, an extraordinary chessboard in which materials such as
plexiglass, 24 kt gold or 999/1000 silver and details in original
swarovski crystals merge to create a unique creation.
The shape, which takes into account the dictates of the forty-five°
line, is  cleverly designed so that every corner, every line and every
plane, know how to become protagonists of the perspective from which it
is observed.
It's structure is  rigid and teutonic but the inevitable reflections
emitted by each facet carefully executed, give a soul to this
extraordinary masterpiece with a completely made in italy design.
The chessboard, where each piece has set one or more swarovski crystals,
rests on a removable plane in which, 64 houses, alternate between
transparency and real gold or silver leaf to give life to a true
masterpiece. the details necessary for the assembly, such as brackets
and screws, are also embellished with swarovski crystals and decorated
with gold or silver leaf.
Although it’s accuracy betrays a mass production, each component is 
carefully made and managed by the skilled craftsmen of Banfi: from
design to production to assembly: each production phase is subjected to
a superior qualit