The Magical World of Disney: From the Movies to Your Room


rocket bed for kid

Are you tired of your child's room looking like a regular old bedroom? For a hundred years, Disney has enchanted adults and children, leading them to daydream.

Today this dream will be fulfilled every night, thanks to the new luxurious Circus’s beds designed to recreate the atmosphere that will allow you to find yourself in the different magical worlds. 

The Odyssey-Express Bed

orient express bed for kid

The Odyssey-Express is a luxurious sleeping train that can be placed in your child’s bedroom, making them feel inside a fairytale . 

The train’s design is reminiscent of the famous fantasy film "The Chronicles of Narnia", in which the four young Disney’s characters use the train to escape from World War II, and reach a safe place: the home of Professor Digory Kirke.

The Odyssey-Express, on the other hand, will allow the children’s imaginations to travel, in a carriage equipped with every possible comfort, from the TV to the different storage compartments. No details have been left to chance, from the internal finishes in walnut leaves to the floor covered with carpet and velvet. The exterior, however, is lacquered with a blue royal high gloss, symbolizing wealth and majesty. 

From the movies to your room, the Odyssey-Express will provide your kids the opportunity to embark on an adventure, full of luxury and magic, allowing them to choose their desired destination station. 

The Fantasy Air Balloon 

hot air balloon bed for kid

The Fantasy Air Balloon crib captures the romantic, extravagant feel of a hot air balloon ride, reminiscent of the iconic scene from the 2009 animated film 'Up,' where Carl attaches balloons to his home for a journey to South America's wild nature.

To revive your children this adventure, Circu offers the opportunity to place in your room a stylised hot air balloon with warm and welcoming tones to recreate a comfortable and serene environment. The structure is equipped with an audio and light system that changes color and can be controlled via a mobile app (or remote control), making the bed useful for fun and activities. 

This dreamy bed offers a sleep assistant that allows you to choose the intensity of the light color and lighting effects.

Attention to the smallest details is not lacking: in fact, the upper structure is made of covered wood, while the passenger basket is handmade in wicker. Finally, the strings created in silk fiber and the application of gold leaf give a touch of sophistication. 

The Rocky Rocket Sofa

rocket bed for kid


The Rocky Rocket is an interactive chair designed for children, making it the perfect addition to their play area. 

The lunar rocket design has become iconic among children, thanks to the character Buzz Lightyear from the 1995 movie “Toy Story”. 

Circu’s Rocky Rocket bed allows you to bring the dream of space exploration to life.The Rocket is equipped with an RGB light and speakers, always controllable via mobile app, bluetooth and remote control. 

The structure is made with high quality materials such as wood, robust in design, and with the presence of red padding in the walls and on the floor of the carrycot. In addition, the carrycot is externally equipped with drawers, useful for keeping toys tidy or hiding space objects. 

Final thoughts

The Circu beds will allow your child to feel like they are inside the Magical World of Disney, recreating three different scenarios in their bedroom; from the fresh but elegant tones of the Orient Express Bed, through the warm and comfortable tones of the Fantasy Air Balloon, and finally the bright and fun tones of the red Rocky Rocket sofa. Your child will have the opportunity to sleep or simply play, retracing the dream and magic that each of us experienced while watching Disney movies. 


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