Sculpting Luxury Sound With iPhone 15 and Italian Terracotta

With the arrival of the new iPhone 15, a premium listening experience is a necessity. Enter Dedalica's handcrafted terracotta speakers, straight from Italy. These masterpieces not only complement your new iPhone 15 but also unlock its spatial audio capabilities. 

Join us on a journey where luxury sound harmonizes with centuries-old Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. 

Dedalica: Where Art Meets Technology 

Dedalica intertwines art and technology, creating speakers that look and sound extraordinary. They are handcrafted from terracotta sourced locally in Impruneta, Italy, home to centuries-old clayworking traditions. The same one used by Brunelleschi in the construction of the dome of the Florence Cathedral.

The creation process starts with sourcing the clay from the ancient terracotta quarries of Impruneta. This clay acquires unique acoustic properties through traditional methods refined over centuries. 

Master artisans shape each speaker component by hand on pottery wheels, carving the intricate patterns that accent Dedalica's designs. The unfinished spheres are left to air dry naturally before an artisan returns to work the surface on a lathe.

The distinctive resonance comes from firing the finished pieces in extremely high-temperature kilns exceeding 1000°C. This transforms the clay into the vibrant, acoustically perfect terracotta form. Dedalica combines this with sleek metal structural elements forged by blacksmiths. 

The synergy produces speakers that are as pleasing to the eyes as to the ears.

Seamless Connectivity With Spatial Audio 

Dedalica's terracotta speakers unlock the immersive experience of the iPhone 15's spatial audio. With Apple AirPlay 2 integration, you can wirelessly stream audio throughout your home and enjoy perfect synchronization across multiple speakers. Dedalica's expansive product range lets you customize a whole-home audio environment.

Bespoke Audio Made in Italy 

From bookshelf speakers to freestanding tower models, Dedalica offers luxury bespoke speakers made entirely in Italy. Their terracotta construction produces exceptional clarity across treble, mid, and bass tones. The neutral sound reproduction makes Dedalica speakers perfect for lossless audio and spatial audio tracks.

Bring the acoustic purity of Dedalica's terracotta speakers into your home. Handmade in the Florentine tradition, they combine artisanal craftsmanship with innovative technology for peak audio enjoyment with your iPhone 15. Dedalica's passion for art and sound is clear.


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