Royal Class to Dreamland: The Orient Express Kid's Bed

For over a century, the majestic Orient Express train transported Europe's elite in style and luxury. Now your child can sleep like royalty, surrounded by the elegance of this iconic train's golden era with the aptly named Orient Express Bed. This modern version of a sleeping space evokes the glamor of rail travel's finest hours, but with a kid-friendly twist.

Designed just for kids, the Orient Express Bed envelops your little prince or princess in comfort fit for nobility night after night. Its royal blue hues and polished wooden accents nod to the prestige of past travelers. Conveniences like storage compartments and built-in lighting capture the train’s signature marriage of luxury and practicality. Let your child depart daily for adventures in dreamland aboard this magical bed!

Orient Express Inspiration

The original Orient Express first departed Paris in 1883, offering wealthy passengers unparalleled style on overnight trips to Istanbul. This new luxury train aimed to expand travel through Europe in an age when rail transport was still developing. Just boarding the Orient Express became a thrilling adventure, as passengers walked through an intricately detailed station to platforms shrouded in steam.

The Art Deco-style sleeper cars pampered guests with silk curtained cabins, washbasins, attendant call buttons and hot running water. No detail was overlooked in the ornate interior furnishings of velvet armchairs, mahogany trim and brass fixtures polished to perfection. By fusing opulence and practicality, the Orient Express made lengthy rail journeys both comfortable and glamorous.

Over its nearly 100 year tenure, the legendary Orient Express underwent various route changes, iterations and ownership hands. Despite evolutions, this train maintained its reputation as the premier luxury travel experience through Europe. Royalty booked private carriages while intellectuals, artists and diplomats mingled in the elegant dining cars. The golden age of rail lives on through the majesty of the Orient Express.

This storied heritage inspired the design of the Orient Express Bed. Just as the original train whisked travelers through Europe night after night, your child will journey to wondrous new destinations in their imagination each evening. Surrounded by inspired details, the mysteries of yesterday become boundless dreams of tomorrow.

Royal Blue Inspiration

The regal blue tone of the Orient Express Bed conjures images of European nobility and majesty. Throughout history, shades of blue have been associated with power, prestige and royalty across cultures. During the 18th century, pastel blue hues became trendy among French aristocrats. Young Queen Victoria frequently donned blue dresses, starting a craze for the delicate color.

Later, Queen Elizabeth II established the rich royal blue shade as her signature color. Elizabeth II selected this meaningful hue to communicate strength and constancy at the beginning of her historic reign.

By utilizing royal blue, the Orient Express Bed evokes luxury and imagination. The color reminds us of fairy tales with magical trains and voyages to discovery. Just as kings and queens have relied on the authority of blue for centuries, this bed promises to reign over the most enchanted of dreams.


Let your child embark on nightly adventures in faraway lands with the Orient Express Bed. Inspired by the golden age of rail travel, your little one will sleep like royalty in this ornate bed fit for princes and princesses. Unique details like built-in storage compartments add modern functionality to a heritage of imagination and prestige.

The Orient Express Bed promises to make bedtime a magical escape. Transport your child night after night to the splendid world of yesterday while inspiring the dreams that lay ahead. All aboard for safe passage through the most blissful slumber!

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