Mirrors are used since the age of Ancient Egypt to decorate and Enrich houses and temples.
The surface of the mirror has three main funcionts:
To mirror ourselfs, to widen the spaces and to furnish our homes.

The positioning of the mirror plays a fundamental role to create the effect of depth and widening of the spaces.
The entrance is the smartest position to put the mirror, as like that a Lighter and more scenic space is created.
Need one more reason? Well, who doesn’t give a last glance in the mirror before leaving?

Every mirror reflects the taste of who chose it: Round, rectangular or with extravagant shapes.
The mirror can be completely in glass or surrounded by a precious frame with pure gold leaf, the choice of the right mirror will add character and personality to your space.
For those who can’t renounce their in front of their mirror no fear, we have back lights in led!


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