How to Choose a Wall Lamp [Short Guide]

How to Choose Wall Lamp

Wall lamps provide both form and function by delivering task lighting and accenting décor in any space. 

With designs ranging from minimalist to ornate, wall lamps cast both ambient glows and directional beams that elevate a room's visual interest. 

Follow these tips when selecting the perfect wall lamp to meet your lighting needs with style while showcasing your design aesthetic through this impactful decor choice.

Introduce Personality With Unique Wall Lamps

Cast an artistic glow and showcase your design aesthetic with a statement-making wall lamp boasting inspired materials, shapes and finishes.

Consider the Lamp’s Design and Detailing

Choose finishes like antique brass or oil-rubbed bronze for traditional styles, or opt for polished chrome or nickel for contemporary spaces. Look for natural materials like wood, ceramic and fabric for organic texture.

Take Stock of the Lamp’s Shape and Silhouette

Curvaceous lamps make dramatic accents while clean-lined rectangular lamps blend in. Drum shades cast ambient light.


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Determine the Proper Scale and Proportions

Measure the space to avoid choosing a lamp that appears too small or overwhelms. Scale should be balanced.

Select Purpose-Driven Wall Lighting 

Strategically place wall lamps to provide essential task lighting for everyday activities or home office work.

Install Reading Sconces Next to Beds or Seating Areas to Illuminate Books

Swing arms allow directional lighting.

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Use Narrow Vertical Lamps in Tight Spaces Like Hallways and Stairwells

Position to light the way.

Play with Stylish Wall Lamp Placement

Get creative with placement and arrangement to add ambience, accent decor or highlight architectural details.

Flank a Mirror or Piece of Art With Matching Lamps

The symmetrical arrangement makes a striking style statement.

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Line a Hallway With Uniformly Placed Sconces to Create a Gallery-Like Look

Use the same style lamp for cohesion.

Factor in Technical Specifications

Prioritize brightness, bulb types, materials and hardwiring when choosing the perfect wall lamp.

Select the appropriate brightness and lamping for the intended use. 

  • Brighter is better for task lighting. 
  • Consider energy-efficient LED bulbs which last longer than incandescent. 
  • LEDs come in warm shades.
  • Ensure the lamp is UL-listed and made of quality materials for safety and durability.
  • Check if hardwiring is required. Some plug-in lamps offer more flexibility for renters.

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Finish the Look with Complementary Decor

Incorporate wall lamps into the overall design concept to pull spaces together.

Choose Lamp Finishes and Shades That Coordinate With Other Metals and Fabrics in the Room

Introduce lamp shapes that echo other decor like arched windows. Curvaceous lamps complement curved furniture.

Select Lamp Sizes in Scale With Nearby Furnishings

Lamps shouldn't overwhelm tables and beds.

Incorporate Lamps Into a Vignette on Console Tables or Shelving

Arrange with art and accessories.


With limitless options, you can find the perfect wall lamp to elevate your lighting, accent decor and express personal style. Follow our tips and choose wall lamps with confidence. Light up your space in style! If you need any help, give us a call!



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