7 Timeless Design Elements that Will Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to interior design trends, what’s in vogue is constantly evolving. But there are certain elements that stand the test of time, gracing the world’s most elegant spaces year after year.

By incorporating these classics into your home, you can achieve a refined timelessness no matter how styles change.

Here are seven iconic fixtures and finishes that will never go out of style.

Natural Wood

Cherished for its rich grain, warmth and versatility, natural wood has long been a star of interior design. Oak, walnut, teak and mahogany never lose their luster and pair well with any color scheme. Whether reclaimed or newly milled, natural wood brings comfort and elegance.

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Crown Molding

This decorative trim dates back centuries. Originally crafted to allow for high ceilings, crown molding imparts a sense of luxury. The ornate flourish frames rooms beautifully, especially when painted white or gold. Its luxurious appeal will always reign.


Don’t write off wallpaper as outdated. From bold patterns to nature motifs, wallpaper offers unmatched depth and interest on any wall. Choose neutral patterns or metallic finishes for wide appeal. Install wallpaper sparingly around windows or doors for timeless style.

Brass Accents

The gilded glow of brass fixtures, lamps and décor provides a striking touch. Brass evokes the glamor of the past but also pairs well with modern styles, adding hints of luxury. Brass accents, like cabinet hardware, elevate a space instantly.

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Velvet Furnishings

Few fabrics suggest luxury like crushed velvet. This plush material became popular centuries ago, its sheen coveted by royalty. Today, velvet furnishings from tufted headboards to velvet-upholstered sofas lend any room sophistication.

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Marble Surfaces

Prized by designers worldwide, marble confers elegance with its smooth polish and elegant veining. White Carrara marble remains the gold standard, complementing any palette. Marble countertops, floors and accents will always make a stylish statement.

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Statement Lighting

No interior design is complete without a stunning chandelier or eye-catching wall sconces. Statement lighting illuminates a space both literally and visually. Opt for an antique chandelier for old-world glamor or modern pendant lights for flair. Dazzling fixtures never fade.

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By thoughtfully incorporating these enduring elements into your aesthetic, you can achieve a home decorated with timeless flair. Their versatility, beauty and grandeur help interiors transcend trends. 

Your rooms will exude a refined style that outlasts changing whims, becoming comfortable sanctuaries to enjoy for years on end. With their lasting grace, these classics promise to always bring chic elegance into your living spaces.


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