2023 OUTDOOR TREND - Nature takes center stage

2023 marks a resurgence of nature for the interior and exterior furnishing of spaces. The beauty of nature is informing furniture style choices, resulting in environments where natural elements blend with luxurious furnishings. Wood, rattan, wicker and jute are but a few of the popular natural materials used for garden furniture, being environmentally sustainable and recyclable.


Terracotta is one of the latest trends for exterior design colors in 2023. This warm shade evokes the earth and nature, and it fits perfectly with such shades as sage green, beige, ivory and maroon wood shades of brown. In combination, these colors create soothing and welcoming environments.

Tone on Tone: Soft, elegant and relaxing colors to enjoy an ambiance as close to nature as possible.

Roundness: Trending exterior furnishings for the 2023 summer season are characterized by round, soft curves and uncluttered lines. Every piece of furniture, from tables to seating, from sofas to armchairs, is designed to make the outdoor space inviting and supremely pleasing to the eye. The materials are snug and functional, without any sharp edges. So let's leave behind cool finishes and make room for an ever more embracing garden. 


If you are considering decorating your garden, you may go for natural elements, terracotta or neutral colors and rounded shapes. Browse through our perfect proposals designed to recreate a warm and enjoyable environment for you and your guests.



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