Luxury oF Homes & Italcer Group

Palazzo Dal Monte Casoni, which is a XV palace situated in Imola, has hosted the first photo shooting of Luxury of Homes especially thanks to Italcer Group. [nbsp]Italcer Group has, in fact, supported us in accomplishing this innovative experience enhancing Luxury of Homes values of beauty, art and elegance.

Inside the walls of Palazzo Dal Monte Casoni, the model Margherita Molinari was photographed while wearing luxury clothes transmitting our own idea of luxury through impactful images.

Through this photo shooting which was realised taking care of every possible detail, we are willing to show you through a different perspective the main objective of our business in order to for you to appreciate the best of our products and services.

Margherita, while posing within the beautiful walls of Palazzo Dal Monte Casoni, represents the goal Luxury of Homes is thriving to achieve. We are eager to create emotions, awaken hopes and in our clients’ minds and hearts so that they will be able to imagine what it will be like to finally own and live in a house which follows the tastes and values of Luxury of Homes.

At Salone del Mobile #Milano

Luxury Home Cinema

Cinema has always made dream entire generations, in fact we moved from small black and white screens to mega 100-inch flat screens.But today the real luxury is having an own cinema room at home. The very first questions you have to ask yourself if you are a cinema- addict is:
Do I have enough space to make this project possible? If the answer is Yes, you’ll enjoy every second of it.

An important choice is the number and type of seats. A fundamental prerequisite is comfort , there are many types and choices from an aesthetic and point of view. leather and precious textiles, reclining mechanisms, armrests with pockets for drinks, seat ventilation and interior lights are only a few of the possible configurations. Let’s see if you still get the eyes from the screen!

The screen and audio will be the real heart to enjoy your new cinemaroom.

Anything has to be left to chance, sophisticated frames to cover up to 226-inch screens, elegant soundproof boiserie and hometheater are the perfect mix to make this the best possible experience.
@netflixit or the great classics of Hollywood have never been so exciting!
Use responsibly!

Luxury Interior Design

Luxury Interior Design is for the lovers of elegance and quality.
We select only the best handcrafted materials, that are tailored and customized to be the most precious finishing in modern and classic design.
The verb to decorate, in Italian “decorare” derives from the Latin “decor“, which means beauty, elegance, charm, grace, decoration. Starting from its roots, to furnish means to decorate, embellish, take care of a given area and those living in it, to transform the space in an area where it is a pleasure to live in. 
 The success of the luxury projects lies in the details, just like when you wear a dress or the favorite jewellery.

Luxury Interior is actually a mindset based on the exclusivity of the product, which is unique and has a special meaning for the client. Creating luxury interiors means giving a space an extraordinary personality through high quality and attractice materials, through carefully positioned furniture, well-assembled textures and colors.
The Luxury style creates a fluid ambience through embracing and elegant lines. Luxury Interiors are not only majestic, but also multifunctional and digitalized. The new generation of Luxury welcomes hi-tech spaces accompanied by functional furnitures useful to satisfy each type of aesthetic taste.