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Objects in vegetable tanned leather with tannins do not get old: they mature. Like good wine! They absorb the traces of our experience over time and become absolutely unique. They share our lifelong experience.

Vegetable tanned leather is a product of animal origin, generally bovine, ovine or caprine hides, by-products of the food industry. In order to make them suitable for craftsmanship, the hides are subjected to tanning, a process capable of stopping their decay and making the leather resistant to wetting, supple and pleasant.

Vegetable tanning with tannininvolves a production chain of excellence, heir to a great artisan tradition dating back to the Renaissance that has been able to evolve becoming an interpreter of modernity. Choosing a product invegetable tanned leather means promoting the continuity of this tradition over time. They represent a great artisan tuscan tradition. 




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