Nicola Azzaro was born in 1979 and He works in Parma, city of art where He learns with his family and since 2001, with great skill and commitment, craftsmanship applied to precision mechanics.

Because of the death in 2001 of his father, the owner of the family workshop for precision machining, He decides to abandone her sports career and together with his mother, to carry on his familiy business activity.

Interested in Interior Design, Nicola obtained in 2013 Verona a certificate at European level as well, while a 2013 utility patent of lighting decor accessories leads to develop the passion for lighting design.

With the physical characteristics of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) and its transparency qualities superior to glass, Nicola creates an innovative collection of creations, individually designed and hand-crafted in the family workshop. The philosophical style of the designer is manifested through the illusory game of full and empty enclosed in his LED lamps, designed for prestige environments.

Focusing on 100% made in Italy and on attention to detail, Nicola decides to combine his know-how and his "nicolazzaro italian design" brand into a new innovative startup, founded by himself in early 2019.

The startup NICOLAZZARO deals with the design, production and marketing of furnishing and fashion accessories, with the development of innovations in applied physics through the use of polymethylmethacrylate.

In the field of lighting complements, these innovations are also aimed at the development of optical properties, for the purpose of better optimization of lighting capacities in compliance with limits and regulatory requirements.

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THE LACK OF THIS OVERALL SERVICE IN INTERIOIR DESIGN WAS THE FIRST REASON TO START THIS ADVENTURE. Help clients to satisfy their needs and wills to create their luxurious spaces with the incredible Italian touch and eye for detail, is the aim of the company.

THE MISSION OF LUXURY OF HOMES is to be the first choice when it comes to interior design, from developping the project up to the final steps, thanks to the cooperation with experts and the best architects world wide.