In the design of every Iran rug there is a story

The house of KHORSHID was established by experts in luxury product development and marketing, for the development and sale of hand-knotted rugs made in Iran in luxury standards.

The Iranian carpet is a heritage of thousands of years of art and craftsmanship, with rare designs and patterns from nature, legends, myths and ways of seeing the world, which has been passed down from generation to generation. generation.
To produce each carpet, the weaver artist works with love for days and months, and it is love that produces the work of art, whose colors and designs play on the eyes and give energy to the home and to the holder of this mat.

The pleasure of having a unique and rare work of art at home is the feeling that Maison KHORSHID gives to the buyers of its products.
Each buyer knows the history and details of the product they have purchased, and knows what work they have invested in.

It is the heritage of KHORSHID house leaves to its customers, by selecting, producing and supervising rugs which combine love, art, know-how, silk, wool and natural colors resulting from old designs with symbols which are transmitted from generation to generation. for thousands of years as well as the translation of the drawings, the name of the artist, the date of production, the duration of the work on the work and finally the quality control of the product and a book of the carpet includes the photos and the history of the rug including descriptions of the design and the elements and symbols used in the rug that the customer is purchasing.

KHORSHID in Persian means The Sun, The Pattern, which illustrates ancient and modern Iranian traditions.

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