GIEFFE CUCINE, author and guarantor of MADE IN ITALY Gieffe works with mature mind and hands, proposing year after year a catalog dedicated to the world of kitchens in which always brilliant cleanliness, detail, invention: today the design of the new high-end collections interprets the material and embeds stories, emotions, aesthetic solutions and surprising elements in its essences. A refined and visionary creative process that intercepts and creates trends, loved by ever wider and more demanding market segments.

GIEFFE CUCINE, 51 YEARS OF CHALLENGES AND KNOWLEDGE GIEFFE celebrates its 51st birthday in 2018 also with an important entrepreneurial choice: the expansion of the company plants with an endowment of spaces and equipment that enhance production volumes and the recognized flexibility of the industry. A new headquarters, therefore, to celebrate half a century of defeated challenges and enhance the wealth of knowledge that today Gieffe dedicates to each market, welcoming the challenge of globalization with new lymph and the same historical attention dedicated to every detail.

THE PRODUCT AND SERVICES Led by the Brandoni and Galassi families and located in the heart of Italy in the industrious Marche region, a geography well known and well appreciated by international markets, GIEFFE expresses the talents of the highest industrial craftsmanship: - DEDICATION and VOCATION to work and customer, according to a managerial mix that binds passion and creativity with a business management practice measured for the new global markets and for the contemporary customer.

100% MADE IN ITALY, a guarantee label that characterizes the raw material, the concept of each line, each phase of the production cycle at GIEFFE - TAILORING and FLEXIBILITY promised and always maintained, in enhancing and expanding the beauty and functions of each line in the catalog according to the client's needs - TRANSPARENCY and SPEED in compiling prospectuses and technical specifications, delivering estimates, order shipment

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THE LACK OF THIS OVERALL SERVICE IN INTERIOIR DESIGN WAS THE FIRST REASON TO START THIS ADVENTURE. Help clients to satisfy their needs and wills to create their luxurious spaces with the incredible Italian touch and eye for detail, is the aim of the company.

THE MISSION OF LUXURY OF HOMES is to be the first choice when it comes to interior design, from developping the project up to the final steps, thanks to the cooperation with experts and the best architects world wide.